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What Music Can I Play at My Christmas Party?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today marks the day that one of our local radio radio stations started their annual rotation of "all Christmas music all the time" . . . and you guessed it! They're playing The Carpenters! :-( Talk about the ides of November.

So, in an effort to not hit the rum balls and the spiked eggnog extra hard this year, here's a list of some Christmas music that you might want to consider putting into rotation at your Christmas party. It has both perennial favorites to please the traditionalists in the group and versions of songs by artists that you don't generally associate with Christmas music (Rev Run anyone?).

And, while these super-dope jams will really get your Christmas party jumpin', they're also fit to play throughout the season. These songs are guaranteed to put the cool in your yule (and I can make that guarantee based on song choice #24 - thank you, Mr. Armstrong).

Check out other seasonal favorites on these playlists Valentine's Day, Spring, Patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving. I promise they won't disappoint, what with them being 100% Phil Collins free. Woot!
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