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Your Official Guide to the Turner Family Pre-Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

After the first trip to the grocery store this season, I could have done a jig.  When I "finished" up my shopping, I was almost giddy.  Then (of course) I needed two eggs for cornbread and had only one left that hadn't been deviled!  Soon after, I realized my onion powder was dangerously low, and the brine requires a ton of it.  After returning to the store numerous times and having caught the baby's cold and also having been up with the baby at night for the past four nights, I sent Howard to the store.  I'm pretty sure I would be quite comfortable sprawled on the floor, and the baby would have no problem balancing a tea cup on top of me!

Eggs and onion powder aside, I did manage to score this little baby:

I also compiled a playlist for our tree trimming festivities from Donna's Thanksgiving and Christmas suggestiones.  (Thanks to Donna's playlist: check that out here)  And I managed to bring home ingredients for hot chocolate and popcorn to kick the season off with our annual viewing of Christmas Vacation.  Check and Checkaroo!

So, right now my fridge looks like a crime scene investigators bulletin board an organizational masterpiece.  All of my recipes are spread out in order of cooking time and all of my magnets are doing overtime!

I had to completely disassemble the fridge to work the turkey in!

It needed a good cleaning anyway.

Oh and Baby Emmers has converted her usual Zombie growl into a Turkey gobble, so it looks like Thanksgiving is upon us!

Oh Peter!  I guess I am ready for my Thanksgiving adventure, but dare I say it, some warm tea certainly would soothe my scratchy throat!

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