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A Little Post-Thanksgiving Window Shopping

Monday, November 26, 2012

After a super-busy Thanksgiving, we decided to completely skip the madness that always comes with Black Friday, and just take a leisurely family stroll through the streets of Downtown Franklin last Saturday.  The stores were bustling and decorated beautifully for Christmas.  The sidewalks were busy with families and pups out for an afternoon of fun.  All the restaurants and bakeries were lively with activity.  The weather was perfectly nippy.  Oh, it was a lovely time.  My favorite little shop was even serving cookies and mimosas!  (I knew they were my favorite for a reason.)

Walk with me now through the streets of Downtown Franklin, and let me introduce you to the wonderful sights of our hometown at Christmas.  There's definitely a feeling of Christmas in the air.

The streets are already decked out with garland and flags for all the street posts.  Someone even got pretty cute and livened up the wall above this park bench.  I can see a couple or two stopping for a cute picture here.  :)

The storefronts are all gussied up.  This is another favorite shop, Lulu's.  They are so cute and creative with their window displays always.

And just before you enter, their clapboard greeting reminds shoppers of their duty to dazzle. 

Their trees inside the shop are decked out with old fashioned paper ornaments and handmade greeting cards.  And I loved their display of "pretty papers".  Made me want to croon an old Christmas tune.  :)

Down the street a little further, we stumbled upon HUGE baskets of pine cones in another shop.  This picture doesn't begin to do justice to how pretty they were.

I also couldn't help falling for their place card holders.   Looks like some familiar guests are coming to dinner.  

This Jolly Old St. Nicholas graced the sidewalk in front of the toy store.

Next, we HAD to visit my all-time favorite shop, Avec Moi.  Yes, this is the one serving mimosas.  They know how to keep their customers happy!  Just look at these table settings.  They are all through the store, and they just keep getting prettier.  They only thing I might add are those cute place card holders, and I would be all set.

I also went ga-ga over this alarm clock.  I can totally see myself setting this to go off early on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought!  Maybe he will bring me this clock!!  Hint, hint, Santa, if you are reading this.  And yes, I have it on good authority that Santa does in fact read this blog.  ;)

Another totally cute item in this shop is the Christmas Memories book.  It has tons of pages to insert your family Christmas pictures from one year to the next, as well as lots of space to record memories, traditions, wish lists, and so much more.  What a nice tradition. 

Our final stop of the day is a new candy store that just opened.  It's called Honey's Vintage Sweets, and they were super adorable, and definitely gussied up for Christmas.  We had hot chocolate as we perused the isles of candies and sweet treats.  This shop had me humming "Marshmallow World".  :)

Did we get much shopping done this day?  Actually, not a lot.  Some, but nothing major.  But sometimes taking in the sights and being part of a lively holiday crowd is just plenty to put you in the holiday spirit.  It worked for us.  I'm totally ready for Christmas now!
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Haley Titus said...

This just made me so excited for Christmas! Glad to have found your blog <3

Colour Me Classic

Deanna C said...

Thanks, Haley! So glad you found us, too! Feel free to like our Facebook page if you are a FB person, and you will receive notifications when new posts are ready on the blog! Happy Christmas!

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