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There's No Room in the Fridge and It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And I'm not even sort of joking!  The refrigerator is full to the brim.  So is the freezer and the pantry.  And our second fridge out in the garage that normally holds all our booze, is groaning from the overload (not of extra booze, mind you, no room for that- an overflow from what won't fit in the kitchen!)  Now, I suppose there are worse problems to have, but this little situation has necessitated that we clean out both refrigerators, both freezers, and the pantry.  I won't even mention what our current trash situation is looking like.  :)

Ahhh, the joys of hosting a big family Thanksgiving.  We truly aren't used to this.  It's normally just the two of us, so our kitchen doesn't usually get this kind of workout on a regular basis.  Mind you, John is an excellent cook, and I am excellent at letting him have it.  But we usually just kind of shop as we go, so we never really have a ton of extra food around.

Well, this past weekend, we made the pilgrimage to our local Walmart to stock up for the big meal.  Here's a glimpse at the fun...

First off, I found the elusive turkey-shaped butter.  There were only two of these hiding in the butter section. One was beheaded already, and this was the only good one in the whole store.  She was calling my name, so after a little debate, I thought it best if she came home with us.  Later, John dumped some heavy canned goods on top of her, but thankfully, she is still clucking along somewhere in one of our refrigerators.  Incidentally, my sister, Misty, was the first person to introduce me to the wonders of turkey-shaped butter last year at Thanksgiving.   However, no one actually used it for some reason.  I don't think we will face that problem this year.  :)

Never one to pass by a large stack of anything without seeing how close he can come to tipping it over, here is my sweet husband thoughtfully picking up the oven bags I requested.  Yes, that one he is pictured pulling out of the stack, was in fact the one we went home with, and the stack was still standing when we left.  Can you say Jenga, anyone?

This wasn't the best of pictures (dang cell phone camera), but I thought you might like to see the look of joy on my husband's face when he scored a 21 pound turkey in our grocer's freezer case.  That bird has been thawing in the fridge since Saturday.    He tried to get me to hold the turkey for this photo, but it turns out that I couldn't lift it nearly as easily, and I almost fell into said grocer's freezer case, so there you have it. 

And here we are close to the end of our shopping day.  Notice the dual carts.  Clearly, we meant business, even though there appears to be a little room left under John's cart.  Maybe we weren't as fierce as we thought we were.  And as it turns out, we had no less than five people offer to take this photo for us.  Hmm, even though I thought it was extremely funny and a little embarrassing to be taking photos in the middle of Walmart, apparently, it is more commonplace than I thought.  Must be that dang People of Walmart Website.  

I hope your Thanksgiving is as fun-filled (and eventful) as I'm sure ours will be!  No matter what, at least we won't go hungry, AND we will have turkey-shaped butter to slather over everything, whether it needs it or not.

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all the latest in heavensville said...

I am laughing SO hard! Welcome to what I went thru for the first thirty-eight years of our marriage. I'm so, so, SO glad to pass the torch. XXO~ your mother-in-law...

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