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Cake and Chicken!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Of course, no Thanksgiving can be complete without the congealed cranberry sauce! 

Howard has to have this every year.  Even though I make a cranberry salad that was always the highlight of my Thanksgiving growing up.  Unfortunately, Charlotte wasn't here this year to see him jiggle it out of the can.  (That would be the highlight of  her Thanksgiving every year.)  

The baby was very peckish before dinner, and Howard made the mistake of giving her some turkey as he was  carving.  It was all downhill from there!  She proceeded to circle the table pointing and saying, "Chicken! Chicken!"  Howard gave her a deviled egg and I let her lick the cream cheese wrapper as we were finishing up, but as soon as I brought out the cornbread, she wheeled her chair over to it, climbed up, and nabbed a piece, all while proclaiming, "Cake! Cake!"  I, then, let her hold the turkey as I was taking pics.  As you can see, she was pretty mesmerized.

To wrap up our Thanksgiving Day festivities, here's a little diddy Johnny Cash performed on a Thanksgiving episode of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", my fave:

So, in review, I am thankful for Johnny Cash, "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", cake and chicken!

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howard turner said...

hey ocean spray is the bomb on turkey day

Misty Turner said...


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