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The Mad Hatter meets The Bad News Bears

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I bought this tea set on a whim a few years ago for Howard.  He always reminded me of Alice's white rabbit because it has never been uncommon for him to proclaim, "I'm late!  I'm late!"  So, on this gorgeous day in November, we dug it out for the baby to enjoy.  Our tiny, chubby baby is pretty excited about anything to do with food, pretend or otherwise.

When Charlotte came home, she orchestrated an indoor gathering with Emma's entourage (cat, horse and donkey) and her own buds.  She gussied everyone up with scarves and necklaces and cranked up some classical music.

That is when I had the grand idea to pillage Daddy's teapot collection.  Here is what I found on that scavenger hunt:

Not too shabby!

However my own personal bonanza came with this very retro discovery:

That's right!  Harris sisters' tees!  Charlotte is sporting the Bad News Bears-esque South Elementary tee while Emma dons the Greensboro Generals Hockey Club.

Okay, so I had to hook Char into wearing a South shirt because she felt it betrayed her unfailing loyalty to Woodland.  However, seeing as how her fifth grade teacher was Donna and Deanna's fourth grade teacher at none other than (you guessed it!) South Elementary, I thought she would get a kick out of it.

So, we have yet to determine who is more of a Mad Hatter (Howard would love to claim that one himself, but he will forever reign as White Rabbit!), but I suppose they both make good Bad News Bears!

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