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Let's Talk Turkey

Monday, November 12, 2012

I can hardly believe it!  If the calendar is correct, and I'm assuming it is, then Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK!!  WHAT?!?!?  How did it arrive so quickly this year?  Well, the logical reason is that when November begins on a Thursday, then it follows that Thanksgiving will land on the earliest possible date in the month.  Such is the case this year.  Ready or not, here it comes!

Thankfully, my dining room has been dolled up for Thanksgiving since September.  Yes, when I haul out the Halloween decorations, I also set up the dining room for this one special day.  We have been collecting turkeys for a while now, and thanks to my mother-in-law who happens to love them too, I have some new (vintage) chicks to add to my collection this year.  Thanks, Jan!  ;)

Here's a look at "who" will be joining us for Turkey Day this year...

These are my pretty little Thanksgiving place settings I was lucky enough to stumble onto a few years back.  I think they look like they could have come right out of Grandma's cupboard, and I love them.

Vintage creamer, courtesy of John's mom, Jan...

And here's the matching sugar bowl. Both are new to the table this year.

Now, this is a very special turkey.  I saw him last December and went nuts over him.  John went back and bought it for me for Christmas.  So this lucky duck actually graces our dining room year-round.

Vintage salt and pepper shakers, tucked away in the hutch...

This was my very first turkey when I started this collection several years ago.  At the time, I thought it would be pretty difficult to find turkeys for the table, and I was right.  You really don't see them that often in stores today.  And, the vintage ones are rare, which usually makes them pricey.  So when I find one I like, I usually try to snap it up.

Pretty platter on display in the cupboard...

Vintage butter dish

Vintage candlestick holders.  There are two of these, and I really need to get tapers for them.  Adding to the to-do list now...

And these are covered soup bowls. I think they are pretty spiffy.  They are new to the fold for this year, although I don't think we are planning to serve soup for Thanksgiving.  Minor technicality. :)

Does anyone besides me decorate for Thanksgiving?  Or do most skip right on to Christmas?  Now, I must admit that the rest of my house is fully done up for Christmas already.  We have the tree up, the stockings are on the mantel, and the outdoor decoration and lights are up as of yesterday.  But, I am holding off on the dining room until Thanksgiving has made it's annual stop.  Yes, I'm mixing the seasons a little, but it makes me happy.  It's all "holiday" after all.  

So in that spirit, here's wishing you a wonderful and very Merry Thanksgiving!

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Misty Turner said...

Love the turkey lurkey soup bowls! I think you need a dish especially for turkey shaped butter!

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