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The Pink One

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have to admit I've always thought comedians who dress in drag for their movies are really stretching it, and actually, it is probably that very reason that I've never really been a fan of Martin Lawrence or Robin Williams as women.  However, Tyler Perry got it right in "Madea's Big Happy Family", though he doesn't get a lot of credit from critics when it comes to Madea.

"Madea's Big Happy Family" is one of mine and Charlotte's faves, and although Madea has appeared in other movies, this one had just the right mix of cast and funnies.  Even though Tyler Perry does like to tackle big subject matters in his movies, this one was pretty lighthearted.

Anyhoo, Madea's wording, I guess I should say, is particularly funny, and it's something that she shares with Daddy.  They both tend to add extra letters and vowels to words.  Of course, Daddy does it in fun, and he's never even seen Madea, but I'm surprised Baby Emmers isn't in constant confusion as Daddy likes to point out the cow(els) in our back yard or the mon(t)ey in his pocket.

Generally, all the Harris girls have maintained an exceptional grasp on our vocabulary despite Daddy's colorful lingo until I go to an atm, that is.  For the longest time my brain wanted to call it an atm-ma.  Then there was Charlotte's prentzel!

Nope!  Try Pencil!

Then, the other morning Emmers topped us all.

It's a Pink One!  It certainly is, Baby Emmers, it certainly is.

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