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Bargain Hunters Unite!

Friday, November 30, 2012

So, today, Emmers and I went on an excursion:

This is actually a favorite of all of the Harris gals.  It is called Eplus Thrift and is located downtown in the 'Boro.  They have great stuff.  Just last Saturday, Donna and I were rumaging around, and I found a honey of a deal on some great folding chairs!

That gold is definitely a 70s color, but boy have they held up well--no stains or tears or anything.  We needed some chairs for our dining table, and we can always use extras for company.  These came from a church, so they fold up and there's even a compartment underneath them.  They are just all around neat.  I bought two, and then, after trying them out for a couple of days, we decided to get some more.  Today, we set out to do just that, and arrived 15 minutes too late!  To quote an old man rolling up to the newly opened Lil' Caesar's yesterday, also in the 'Boro (with a line around the block), "That's just a shame!"

No matter, we did find an early Christmas present for someone:

We rode this steal all the way out of the store to the car!

Phew!  Being pushed around town on a tricyle all day really tuckers a tiny, chubby baby out!

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Anonymous said...

I love treasure hunting. I'm pretty sure I have been in this place in the past. The thrill of the hunt!!! Shirley

Misty Turner said...

Oh yes! Eplus it really awesome. The owners now are fairly new, and they have really revitalized the place. They visit estate sales for a lot of their merchandise, and they have some gooooood stuff. You really do have to act fast!

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