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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saran Wrap

And to not seem brand loyal, I also despise Cling Wrap:

Let me explain. I find that these plastic wrap products do not actually HELP you in your kitchen endeavors. In fact, I have actually gotten so frustrated with plastic wrap in the past that I have thrown a roll across the aforementioned kitchen in an attempt to vent said frustration.

And wouldn't you know it, when we started helping put away the Thanksgiving leftovers at Daddy's house today, we had exactly 3.25 inches of aluminum foil left on the roll. Daddy dug around and produced a roll of Saran Wrap as a solution. 

Misty and I looked at each other with a mixture of fear, contempt, and indignation. We proceeded to put away the leftovers, but it took two grown women with the supervision of their Daddy an inordinate amount of time to do it. (Truth be told, I was quite proud that neither of us threw the Saran Wrap, although we did mention it.)

And for all of you mathematicians out there, I found this handy graph to express these feelings:

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Well, I feel exceptionally strong today after fighting a roll of plastic wrap and winning!

Happy (hopefully Saran Wrap-free) Thanksgiving!
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