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Our Song

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Every couple has a song that is special to them, right?  Well, in our case, I kind of picked our song and just told John what it was.  :)   You know you did the same thing.  We ladies have to take charge of the important stuff.

"Love Your Love the Most" is a song co-written and recorded by country music artist, Eric Church.  In my opinion, it kind of put Eric Church on the map.  He is quite popular in the world of country music today, but when this song was recorded in 2008, not many people knew who he was, including me.  

This song lists a lot of random things that the singer "loves", including good cold beer, honky tonks that rock on Friday night, and (the reason I first sat up and took notice of this tune)- mustard on my fries.  I mean, I was the only person I knew for the longest time that enjoyed mustard on my french fries.  So I started listening to the rest of this song, and it goes on to say that he loves all these things, but nothing compares to the love of his lady.  Awww....

John and I affectionately call this the "Mustard Song" now, and yes, he does recognize this as "our song", even if he wasn't really involved in the selection of it.  As he likes to point out, it's better than my second choice, "Islands in the Stream" by none other than Dolly and Kenny.  Incidentally, that wasn't my second choice, but I like to tell him that because for some reason beyond my comprehension, he hates that song.  

But back to our song.  Here's the video.  It's actually a pretty corny video but it was very early in his career, so I don't hold that against him.  Just listen to the song.  It's pretty darn good, in a really country kind of way.     Enjoy!

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