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I moustache you a question...

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Just where did this moustache trend jump off anyway?  As usual, we were in the know pretty early on:

Charlotte and Emma sported staches for Charlotte's birthday party back in January.
I've also found staches (pretty easily) to donate to Charlotte's goody box at school.  Not only the ones that you wear on your face, mind you, but also rings.  I certainly would have wanted one when I was 10!

Then I came across this the other day, and I have to say it kinda made my day.  ;-)

(Watch out, Howard!  This is coming your way on your next birthday!)
Who knew?  The meaning of Yin and Yang is actually moustache.

So, here is my theory on the dawning of this particular era.  Rewind two years.  I am pregnant with baby Emmers and watching a lot of People's Court:


Though we can't count this guy totally out:

Daddy is now growing a beard!  So, maybe I should stock up on a few of these.

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