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Keeping Up With the Joneses

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Well, it's time for the big reveal! Often imitated, but never duplicated, it's the Walkush Family Halloween costume choices for 2012. Drum roll please . . .

That's right. We were all headed back in time based on one wee person's costume selection. Jaxon was the driving force behind this year's costume choice (if you can believe it). We had shown him the Indiana Jones movies late last year and early this year, and he had his heart set on being Indiana Jones:

Doesn't he look dashing?

So, now what - we asked ourselves. Indiana Jones kind of backed us into a corner costume-wise. Or, so we thought. Based on that costume choice, Ryan had the brilliant idea that we should all go as 1980's movie characters.

I immediately snatched up Marty McFly (who doesn't love Michael J. Fox?):

But what about Dirty Dancing; what about Flashdance?!?! This is a travesty! Well, let's just say that October in North Carolina is usually cold and given the opportunity to layer within an inch of my life (with an orange puffer vest as one of the layers no less!), I took it. Cut-off shorts (Dirty Dancing) or a hacked up sweatshirt (Flashdance) simply wouldn't have "cut" it for the weather this time of year.

Ryan Barrett Walkush called dibs on Maverick (one of his favorite movies is Top Gun):

Just look at that toasty warm jacket he gets to wear. I see you are not judging him. ;-)

And finally Aidyn . . . Aidyn was our hold-out. We thought for sure he would pick Han Solo or even Karate Kid. He was on the fence until late September (and for someone like me who meticulously plans Halloween months in advance when possible, I thought I was going to have a heart attack). But, he finally settled on Bumblebee the Transformer (thankfully, a costume that could be purchased outright, batteries not included BUT no assembly required):

And as per usual Walkush family tradition, we let our fluffy baby Smitty participate in character as Benji. Trust me when I say that his next grooming appointment is scheduled for this Saturday! Poor thing, I don't know if he can even see through all of his fluff:

And here are a few pics of the whole motley crew:

Do you think it's time for tricks or treats yet?

Holy crap, Maverick! We're not outnumbered, but they have weapons! Where's the Delorean when you need it?

Hope your Halloween was everything you wanted it to be. With temperatures in the 40's this year, it turns out that the extra-warm costumes weren't that bad of an idea. We had hardly any trick-or-treaters out and about this year as compared to previous years. More candy for those who were out, I guess!

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Linking to The Mom Creative Annual Halloween Costume Link-Up.
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Jenn Rian said...

I LOVE these costumes! I'm more than a little obsessed with Back to the Future, so I had to click over right away when I saw your listing at The Mom Creative! Where did you get your orange puffer vest? The only ones I can find online are $40+. It makes me so sad that I have an orange puffer vest shaped hole in my heart :(

I love that you do family costumes. I can never get my husband on board with them. I was so close to convincing him to be Bob Ross this year (the painter from the old PBS show "The Joy of Painting") and then he chickened out at the last minute. My kids went as an Artist and Masterpiece so I thought Bob Ross would be a nice compliment to that. Oh well.

Donna Walkush said...

Well, Jenn, since you asked, this is my Pro-tip for Halloween costumes. I am obsessed with them, so my family usually starts planning ours in June or July. And wouldn't you know it, puffer vests aren't always that popular an item in Summer time??? I found the one pictured on Amazon and I'm guessing because it was orange, it was discounted (they didn't have any other colors available at the time). BUT! I actually switched to ANOTHER (even puffier) orange puffer vest for trick or treating. That one was my older son's! So, as long as you make sure to give it a test drive and that it fits properly, you can also look around in the kid's section and those are always going to be cheaper than the adult counterparts. My son just happened to have an orange puffer vest because he looks dashing in orange, and I remembered it when I previewed these photos and thought that mine didn't look puffy enough!!!

And as far as getting your husband involved, I find that sometimes it helps to let him pick what costume he'll be in. For example, this year, Jaxon decided he wanted to be Indiana Jones, which stumped us for a bit, until we decided that we could all be 1980s movie characters. From there, Ryan got to pick Maverick, which is one of his favorite movie characters. If you haven't already, check out my Johnny Come Lately post here http://theharrissisters.blogspot.com/2012/09/johnny-come-lately.html that gives a photographic review of the first 6 years we've dressed as a group. Hope this helps!

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