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Halloween Decorations Ghoul-ore!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

So here's the post I promised that features some of the highlights of our Halloween decorations:

The Halloween tree has decorations and ribbons purchased mostly from the St. Nick's Nacks section of Callahan's of Calabash (Calabash, NC), and the bucket is from Pottery Barn. The bucket conceals the fact that the base of the tree is a giant skull with glowing green eyes (schmancy, I know). I got the tree on clearance for $5.00 about a week before Halloween one year, and I knew I could deal with a giant skull for 5 bucks! Ironically, I already had the bucket when I purchased this tree - I knew I would just have to find a new container for my Halloween candy.

The year I purchased the bucket from Pottery Barn, they also sold matching cork backed placemats. So, I purchased one that I've always used as a sign:

These hand-painted signs were painted by yours truly. I washed the boards in orange paint and then transferred the Halloween images and text onto the boards with transfer paper. I used paint pens rather than a brush for a crisper line. I bet a Sharpie would work great too! The swirls are glitter paint "piped" straight from the container.

And don't forget that arranging objects in groups of three applies to holiday decorations too. Shown below are Jim Shore pumpkin men, owl witches from St. Nick's Nacks, and blown glass owls from Homegoods.

Happy decorating!

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