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Well, bless your heart!

Friday, October 5, 2012

If you grew up in the South, you know that you've probably just been offended in a passive aggressive way if someone has "blessed your heart."

Since this blog is written by three southern women, I thought I might entertain you with some sayings that we're all familiar with (although I don't know that we'd ever put them in writing other than in the form of this list).

I'm sure we might have said one or some of these before, and I know for sure we know what they mean. Some will seem self explanatory, some may confuse you (why would someone ever say that???), and some might have been Harrisified (fancied up from any version you've ever heard before), but they will likely amuse you to no end:
  1. As mean as a snake: (Not nice, mean.)
  2. One foot in the grave and one foot on a lubricated banana peel: (Very old, usually used sarcastically. For example, you would not say this about someone who is actually on their death bed. More appropriate to say about someone who is only slightly older than you to poke fun.)
  3. I don't know him/her from Adam's house cat: (I have know idea who that person is.)
  4. Won't hit a lick of the snake (Excessively lazy.)
  5. If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise: (These plans are firm, unless something catastrophic happens. For example, if Jesus calls me home or if there's a flood, I won't be there.)
  6. Slower than cold molasses: (This means to be about as slow as a person can be. Considering molasses are slow coming out of the jar by nature, cold molasses are even slower.)
  7. Up one side and down the other: (To do something thoroughly.)
  8. Don't make no nevermind: (It doesn't matter.)
  9. Do what? (What did you say?)
  10. Lord have mercy: (I am amazed or astonished.)
  11. Imonna, e.g. Imonna go to the store:  (I'm going to.)
  12. Gullywasher: (Bad rainstorm.)
  13. Usetacould: (Use to be able to.)
  14. Like a duck on a junebug: (Quickly.)
  15. Don't have the brains God gave a milk cow: (Not smart.)
  16. Fixin' to, e.g. I'm fixin' to eat breakfast: (I'm getting ready to.)
  17. I swanee: (Euphemism for I swear.)
  18. Ugly, e.g. Jaxon is chasing me. Jaxon, don't be ugly to your brother. (Used in place of "not nice.")
  19. Smart, e.g. Mama, I cleaned my room today. Well, aren't you smart? (Used in place of "good.")
  20. To be the spitting image of someone or to favor someone: (You look like the person being referenced.)
What are some of YOUR favorite southern sayings?
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Sarah said...

This list was an amusing read for me because my grandmother used to use a lot of these phrases but, as far as I know, she has no Southern roots whatsoever!

Moi ~ My family says I have no filter. I open my mouth and say stupid things, I've always been this way... said...

Oh, Donna this is a great post! I love old sayings, my very favorite is one mother always said. When a woman married a man that was a poor choice for a husband, she would say, "boy, she sure drove her ducks to a poor market."

She would also talk about the price of groceries being "higher than a hawk's nest."

And my Aunt Idalene always said #17, "well, I'll swanee." I always thought that was the strangest thing to say.

Country sayings, nothing better, except country women! Gotta love 'em!

Anonymous said...

"you catch more flies with honey than vinegar"
As I was reading this I had so many more come to mind, but they left me as I read on. "crooked as a cat's behind" "dont have enough sense to come in out of the rain" if I think of anything else will post it too! ~Kim Hixson

Donna Walkush said...

These are great, Ladies! My husband is actually from Ohio and you should see some of the looks he has given me over the years. I think he thinks I speak a completely different language sometimes! Now add that to the fact that our whole family uses some of these doozies and he is really outnumbered!!! :-)

Deanna C said...

#14: Duck on a Junebug- is my personal favorite. John still asks me what that means whenever I say it!

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