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Help Me Win the Weekly Style Awards :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is an addendum to my previous post "I Rented the Runway".  The good folks at RTR have seen fit to enter me into weekly Style Awards.  YAY!!!  The winner is determined by your votes, and is open to the public for a couple more days.  If I win, it means a free dress rental for me.  And I promise to share the dress around with each of you.  ;)

So, I need your help.  Here's the link to vote and to share: http://rtr.cm/SziGzK.  Please click on this link, and then click on my picture.  Once you have done that, then click "Like".  

For reference, this is the picture they have out there:

I actually have some very stiff competition- so many lovely ladies, so many beautiful dresses.  Any votes you can help me with are more than appreciated!  You guys are the BEST!  End of shameless request, but seriously thanks so much for the votes and the shares.  Ok, I'm really done now.  
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