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Leaves Dance, Pumpkins Delight

Monday, October 8, 2012

What a whirlwind weekend we just enjoyed!  Seems like we filled every minute with something outdoorsy and fun to enjoy this gorgeous Fall time weather.

As promised, we decked out our front steps for the Halloween season.  See those pumpkins?!?!  I GREW them.  No, no, not *those* pumpkins.  Actually, there is only one of my pumpkins in this picture, and you would have to look hard to find it.  It's the tiny one by the owl to the left of me.  :)  I can't believe all I got out of all those huge vines in my backyard is that one tiny little sprout.  It sure didn't stop me from putting it out though!

We dressed Izzie up in her little Halloween costume.  Our neighbor took one look at her, and said, "Who is she supposed to be?  Aunt Jemima?"  For the record, Iz hasn't learned how to make pancakes yet.  But she makes one mean Little Red Riding Hood.  

We visited Gentry's Farm out in the country, where they specialize in hayrides, corn mazes, and picking your own pumpkins.  They did an awesome job decking the place out for the season.  

Now, John did say he saw some silly sign about only kids age 10 and under riding on the tire swings.  Let me just say I saw no such sign.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

We rambled through the 4-acre corn maze.  Although, the cornstalks were a little on the small side due to the summer drought this year.  We were able to easily see over and through the rows, which makes navigating your way through way too easy.  But it was still a fun activity.  Apparently there are other farms around this area that do their mazes in sorghum.   Sorghum looks just like corn stalks in a cornfield maze, but is actually a very tall grass. Sorghum is planted much denser and produces a much taller and thicker stalk even with limited amounts of water. That means the maze is just that much more fun ...imagine not being able to see through the corn maze rows at all.  Now that would be a little more challenging!


We also made it out to Arrington Vineyards this weekend, which is the middle Tennessee winery that is owned by none other than Kix Brooks, of the famous Brooks and Dunn.  And what an experience!  They have Music in the Vines on the weekends.  You take your picnic, and eat out in the vineyards, with live music and bonfires.  Admission is free, and so is the wine tasting!  Sometimes, you get what you pay for, but sometimes you just get really lucky. This was one of those lucky times,  :)

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Misty said...

That looks really fun! That's right up our alley, and Lil' Iz is a cutie petutie in her little costume!

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