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Easy Halloween Costume

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Since my family makes such a big deal about keeping our Halloween costumes a secret until Halloween, when we are invited to dress up BEFORE Halloween (as I was for our work costume party this year), I make every effort to come up with an alternate costume without spending an arm and a leg - what with all my Halloween funds having already been spent on the super-secret (and awesome, if I do say so myself) costumes that will be revealed on Halloween.

So this year, I went hunting in my costume closet, and put together this little number inspired by Wham! (because, really, who doesn't get inspired when they hear J-J-J-itterbug . . . ?)

Here's the cost breakdown:

  • Dress: free (this was actually a hand-me-up from one of my sisters who knows I am always on the lookout for "costume-closet-worthy material")
  • Chain belt: already owned (this is actually a very long necklace)
  • Boots: already owned (these are the same boots I've used twice before for Halloween: as Princess Leia and Vegas Elvis - invest in pieces that can be multi-purpose - these have served me better than my Wonder Woman boots, although they were fabulous)
  • Purple Tights: $10.99 from Amazon (free shipping with a 3-month free membership to Amazon Mom, which they offer periodically)
  • Pillow & Blanket: already owned
  • Hair: free with this tutorial Go-Go Dancer Hairstyle, (already owned hairband)
So, I think that $10.99 total for the whole costume is not bad considering this is technically my second costume for this year. (First one to be revealed to you guys November 1 - don't miss it!)

Other 1980s song-themed costumes that I wouldn't think would be too hard to pull off on the cheap:
  • Purple Rain (umbrella with purple beads attached), 99 Red Balloons (a crap load of red balloons)
  • It's Raining Men (umbrella with cut outs of men attached)
  • Sunglasses at Night (super easy if you're going to a party at night-time!). 

I'm sure there are others - just go through your closet and see what matches up to the hits that you remember from that era.

And because I just know that you've been thinking about it since about paragraph two, I'll leave you with this:
You're welcome.
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SueMo said...

Brilliant, as ususal. We can't wait for the Nov. 1 reveal!

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