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It's Dog-o-ween!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I thought it might interest you to see how our little Izzie dresses up for Halloween.  She's a trooper; doesn't mind wearing costumes at all!  And it's a good thing because she isn't even two years old yet and she already has 3 costumes.  She's a girl after my own heart.  :)

Here she is last year with her witch's costume on.

She goes from having a crazy look in her eyes...

To howling at the moon...

To quiet resignation, that yes, mommy and daddy really
are making her wear this costume.  :)

And this was Iz last year on Halloween night.  We dressed her up as a bumble bee and took her around the neighborhood to meet and greet with all the kiddos.  

The kids loved her!

Oh, she was a big hit, but I'm not sure who liked it more- her or the kids.

She even made some four-legged friends. 

And she managed to get a treat to take home.  That little stinker!

So, here we are back at Halloween again this year, and little miss Iz is ready once again.  This year, it's Little Red Riding Hood, and she has already managed to try on her costume once or twice.

She is just too darn cute!

But this is the only way we can get her to wear her "hood".  :)

Happy Dog-o-ween from our house to yours!
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