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Market Bags

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I've just finished these two market bags in a fit of stash busting (which I go through every year about this time).

stash busting: (v) to use up as much of the yarn that has magically accumulated in your house all year to make projects so that you don't feel angst and guilt when you inevitably go to purchase more yarn.

I don't know about you, but I think I must be a very good girl because I am PRETTY SURE that the Yarn Fairy visits me in my sleep. I have NO IDEA how I end up with all of the yarn that I have, and I make an effort at the end of every year to use up as much as I can.

I have used this pattern before (last year) to make gifts, and these were the fruits of my labors then:

It's an easy and free crochet pattern found here - Market Bag Pattern.

The only modifications that I made were to use Lily Sugar and Cream Yarn. (I am stash busting, after all, and that's what I had on hand.) And I went up to a size H hook because I don't really like going below that size unless necessary for sizing for a garment (but that is only my preference).

The benefit of these bags is that they are washable, unlike the bags that you purchase at your neighborhood grocery store for 99 cents. And the sides of this bag are made up of more than just a mesh to keep whatever you bought IN the bag, unlike other market bag patterns that I've seen, tried, and given up on before.
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