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Halloween Greetings

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I can't recall a time I have EVER had the occasion to send a Halloween card.  Have you???  But if I did, it would be a card like one of these.

Too bad that our cards nowadays have lost the wonderful vintage appeal seen here. And in some cases, it seems that Halloween has lost a little of its childlike innocence along the way. These were the good old days of images of little black cats, pumpkins, and sweet little kids dressed up for a night of fun that didn't include blood, guts, and gore. And that's the way it should be (in my little world, anyway).  

I may be a little spoiled to how our neighborhood does Halloween, but it's so Norman Rockwell, you almost wouldn't believe it if you didn't see it for yourself.  Oh, it's a wonderful night in our part of the world. ALL of the houses decorate for Halloween here.  There are pumpkins, and ghosts, and cobwebs, and all sorts of imaginative tricks all over the place. Many houses play the spooky music, and I have seen a few with fog machines even rolling smoke across their yards for those kids who are brave enough to wade through it to get to a treat on the other side. Neighbors all come outside to pass out candy. No one waits inside for the doorbell to ring.  Oh, and many of the neighbors also use Halloween night as a good time to start a fire in the yard, and bring out big pots of chili and snacks for all the folks who pass by. I have even left candy on the doorstep in years past so we wouldn't miss any early trick-or-treaters while we walked through to take in the sights and sounds of Halloween night, and when we returned my candy bowl has never been emptied.  There's always some missing, but no one takes the whole thing and takes off.  

Oh, it's still an old fashioned Halloween in our neighborhood. I hope it's the same for you. Just remember, these are the good old days. One day, many years from now, when you look back on times past and recall happy memories of good times you have enjoyed along the way, you will be looking back to where you are now. So make it count.  
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