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Who's on First?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Both the boys are playing fall ball this year, which means I have been at the ball field nearly every night this week. And this has given me the opportunity to observe some of the fine (unintentionally humorous) signage they have posted.

For example, one of the first signs you see posted when you walk in is this one. At first glance, you don't make anything of it, but then it hits you - I sure hope these things are not listed in order of importance!

I mean, exactly how dangerous are those bicycles and skateboards that they would be listed BEFORE weapons??? Even the second-hand smoke will kill you slower than say a gun shot, I would wager, but I'm no doctor. In fairness, the sign clearly states that the rules are complex (right there at the top). :-) Maybe it's not for me to question.

After you stroll for a bit and make your way to your designated field, you'll see this one posted:

Clearly, they can't be talking about the peanuts that you eat (because they are food and wouldn't need to be listed separately). So, I am inclined to think that you are not allowed to bring styrofoam packing peanuts with you.

Either that, or this sign is completely discriminatory because THESE kids LOVE baseball and should be allowed in the dugout (just because they're cartoons doesn't mean you can post signs about them):

And, finally, this is the last sign that I found amusing (and perhaps it was only amusing to me). But, these games don't have umpires in the age groups we play in. So, this one was a bit much:

I'd prefer to think that with all of the other signage mishaps, they are clearly talking about footwear. Of course the game can be played without these:

The players are all wearing cleats!

And, if you're wondering, I no longer question why Abbott and Costello had problems figuring out "Who's on first" . . . baseball is a confusing endeavor.
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