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Holy Crap! Charlotte's a Zombie!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

This episode of Community (which can be quite hit or miss with the funnies) quickly became legend in our house last summer:

Set to the Mamma Mia soundtrack, they cultivated zombies at a campus Halloween bash, so we thought that we would do the same this Halloween.  Emma Lola developed a nice growl that we all started replicating. Zombies seemed to be everywhere (even in Florida!), but I guess they first started popping up in the ATL (on "The Walking Dead"), so that's where we started:

At the end of summer, when I told Charlotte that she had only a few weeks left before school started to get all of her sleepovers in, she did just that. So to pry them away from the computer, we took a trip to Wally-world and picked up the elaborate costume for this:  shorts and a tank. Then, I hosed down a section in the back yard and let them roll in it.

Ya bit?  Ya bit?!!!

Holy Crap!  Charlotte's a Zombie!

Zombie Attack!

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