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Witches Whisper in the Wind

Friday, October 12, 2012

She appeared as if from nowhere, and vanished just as quickly, I imagine.  What you are about to behold is wonderfully bewitching!

My good buddies over at the City Farmhouse shared this photo earlier this week.  They are the sweetest little antique shop you've ever seen, right here in downtown Franklin, TN.  We have scored several wonderful treasures there (and so have many of the local country music celebrities!)  The point is- you just never know what they will come up with.  And this photograph is a wonderful piece that they uncovered a while back.

The story goes something like this...

This mysterious cloud form was captured through the lens of New York photographer, Richard C. Bray, in the sky over Central Park many years ago.  Years later still, the City Farmhouse was fortunate enough to stumble onto an entire collection of his photographs from a vintage photo seller in New York.  So now, these wonderful images reside right here in Franklin.  She even had this photo examined by an expert, and sure enough, it was not altered in any way to look like this.  This is the real deal!  Pretty spooky, and yet, wonderfully fascinating.

Oh, and the photographer must have surely thought this was something special.  This was the only photograph in his archive of thousands that he ever pursued copywriting.  It's official title is quite simply "Witch Cloud Over Central Park".  Incidentally, the City Farmhouse now owns the copyright and has given us all permission to share this enchanting photograph.  So share away, my friends!  She's a sight to behold!

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