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DIY: T-shirt

Friday, October 5, 2012

Not too long ago, I was strolling down Main St., no doubt, after stopping for a tasty and refreshing orangeade at Cole's Pharmacy, when I came across a t-shirt hanging in the Chamber of Commerce window, and I had to get it:

But, as with most tees, it was squarer than Spongebob.

So, I snazzed it up:

Here's what I did:

Step 1:  Acquire a pair of these.

Step 2:  Cut the top in a fashion to your liking.  I made mine  one shouldered.  Basically, cut off the sleeves and adjust the neckline.  I also cut the bottom hem off, so that everything was uniform.  After a washing, the cut edge will get the desired roll effect.  

Step 3:  The sides.  I really didn't want to screw this up because I liked the shirt so much, so you may want to try this out on a different shirt first.  Most people have a ton of boxy tees lying around.  If not, just grab one of your hubby's to practice on.  I got a ruler and a sharpie and drew lines 1 inch long every 1/2 inch.  Then I cut with my orange scissors.  This makes little strips of fabric up the sides.  Each strip you cut in half and then tie back together in a knot.  You could also do the back this way cutting strips in an hourglass pattern.  It's pretty tedious, so make sure you carve out some time to finish it.
As Baby Emmers says "Ta.....


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