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You Are What You Eat

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back by popular demand - it's the Walkush Family Halloween Costume Choices for 2013. Drum roll please . . . (I will wait for the drum roll sound.)

So, while the story of how these costumes came to be is not QUITE as elaborate as the story of our 2012 Halloween costumes, it is somewhat amusing.

The boys talked amongst themselves and then came home one day (in June) to announce that for our Halloween costumes, we were going to be food.

Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? (Yes! Juice is involved. And baked goods are too.) Did you say food? (Indeed.) Well food it is!

Aidyn was certain that he wanted to be a juice box, and THAT is not a costume that can be purchased, so I spent a few hours to make this one. Please note that he is wielding his straw like a weapon, which MUST be what juice boxes would like to do to us - considering we stab them all the time. (Here's the link to the photo tutorial.)

Jaxon wanted to be a slice of pizza, and thankfully, with 5 costumes to put together, this one is one that we could purchase. He looks delicious! ;-)

Now, I got voted to be the cupcake. Methinks it is because I've never met a pastry I didn't like. This was another DIY project. (Here's the link to the photo tutorial.)

And ANYONE who knows Ryan Barrett Walkush, can probably guess his costume . . . a soda! Another excellent purchase.

And, well, baby Smithers has always been our HOT DOG! ;-)

Finally, some photos of the whole motley crew. I'm sure that the neighbors could see us coming this year!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween, and I hope these costume ideas help you think outside the box (no pun intended except in the case of our good friend, Apple Juice).
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