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Monster Cereals are BACK!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

And just in time for the Halloween season...  Yippee!!!!  I'm sure you all remember the likes of Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry.  Back in the day, I loved them all.  No playing favorites here. These "Monster Cereals", as they are known, were initially released in the early 1970s, and until 2010, you could actually buy them year round.   However, General Mills now only launches a limited release of these tasty treats each year in September and October to coincide with Halloween. 

But what you may not know is that there have been as many as five Monster Cereals over the years. Fruit Brute graced the shelves for about 10 years before being replaced by Yummy Mummy, which also had a short life.  It was discontinued after only six years in production. 

However, savvy shoppers can check out all of those Monster Cereals this year, even those lesser known ones!  And what's more, they are sporting their original artwork from the 1970s, which has been updated over the years to make those monsters look a little more contemporary.  I, for one, am in love with the vintage graphics, and was super-excited to see those familiar looking cereal boxes in stores this year.  

And, where did I find my vintage-graphic Monster cereals?   I actually tracked them down at Target.  I had heard that they were carrying all five cereals this year, and sure enough, my local Target had a display right by the checkouts.  This is the first time ever that all five cereals are available at the same time, and Target is the only retailer that is carrying the retro packaging this year.  Although you can purchase the monster cereals in their regular packaging at most grocery stores.  It should be noted that I purchased my cereals a couple of weeks ago, when the display looked like this. 

I went back recently, and their supply is quite dwindled now.  I would say if you are interested in nabbing any of these up, now is the time.  Oh, and they were selling for $2.50 per box, which is actually not a bad price compared to most other cereals on the shelves today.  

And to leave you with another blast from the past, check out these old Monster Cereal commercials through the years.  Now that ought to get you in the "spirit"!

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Misty Turner said...

My last two grocery trips, I happened to think about these, but was very disappointed to find that Walmart does not carry them. (I looked quite extensively, with no luck.) I did happen to remember that Target had them, but I thought the come back would be a little more widespread by now. :-(

Misty Turner said...

Update: Both Walmart and Just Save have stocked these just this week. Better late than never, I guess. I bought all three! (They didn't get those weird ones that no one has ever heard of.)

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