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Local Honey Could be Your Lifesaver this Allergy Season

Friday, October 4, 2013

We have all heard the old wives tales that local honey can help with seasonal allergies.  Well, this girl finally decided to give it a go.  Heck, it can't hurt.  I have tried everything over the years- from prescription meds to over-the-counter remedies to netty pots, and so far, the allergies are winning. 

So, a quick trip to the farmer's market and a nice chat with a local farmer saw me returning home with a jar of Middle Tennessee's finest dark honey.  He said that was the key, the darker the honey, the better- for allergies, that is. 

The idea is when bees do their work to make honey each year, they pick up the local pollen (you know- the stuff that drives allergy sufferers crazy), and deposit trace amounts into the honey they are producing.  Much like injecting a flu shot that contains a bit of the virus itself to give you immunity, local honey is thought to do the same to help combat seasonal allergies. 

Now, it may all just be a fluke, but I have taken a spoonful of honey each day this week.  Sometimes, I mix it into my tea and other times I just knock back a quick spoonful.  In any case, I have found that so far it has actually helped me at night time when my symptoms are the worst.  I can actually breath at night. Unbelievable!!!  So for now anyway, I'm thinking I will be taking that spoonful of sugar and ditching the medicine altogether.  

Has anyone else had luck with local honey or other remedies?

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