The "DG"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sometimes it pays to be up with the chickens or with the two year old, as it were.  The new DG Grand-opened today just three miles down the road!  This is very exciting for us because we have a little commute ahead of us, well, always, unless we need to mail something or buy liquor. (We are in close proximity to a post office and ABC store, go figure.)  I have had to pay $4 for a stick of butter at the Marina, so ever since they started building, I have been counting the days.  We pulled in to the DG at 8:00 sharp today, and the $10 giftcards were long gone.  However, we still each got a giftbag, (which let's face it, it's the DG) I assumed would be empty.  We were pleasantly surprised to find quite a few goodies!


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