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Saturday, January 5, 2013

I do not own a television!  Depending on your age, this statement is usually met by either shock and disbelief or pretty much the same sentiment.  We do still watch tv.  We just do it online.  Hulu is a great site.  You can watch current televisions shows the day after they air with most shows, (some you have to wait 8 days to see) and you can also catch up on your old faves.  They have movies, and for under $10 a month, you can upgrade to HuluPlus which has even more of a selection. (like the aforementioned shows with a wait period--its abolished for HuluPlus members)  We also invest in Netflix.  We only do online streaming, so the selection is a little limited, but they just acquired the rights to Disney, and we are already seeing Pocahontas and such filter into our suggestions.  We have been very happy with this arrangement as it limits the time we all spent mindlessly in front of the tube, but for certain very popular shows, I have had to seek them out.  

One such show is "Downton Abbey".  This is where the great advantages to Netflix and Hulu meet the downside.  After I decided I wanted to check out this greatly talked about program,  I found the first season on Netflix where you can watch back to back to back episodes.  Yay!  Until you obsessively finish all of those.  The second season, I found on HuluPlus.  HuluPlus offers a great deal.  You can try it for free for one week.  After that it is $7.99.  So, here's the kicker.  "Downton Abbey" is actual in its third season!  But here, in the US, it hasn't aired yet as you can see from the above pic.  It is set to start on January 18th.  I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I found it!  I came across another website.  Now Hulu and Netflix are pretty widely known and trusted.  I have used this other website for a while.  It is free and doesn't require you to download anything.  (which I am always a little leary of)  The address is as follows:  http://www.cokeandpopcorn.eu/.  Note it is .eu--not .com which I guess is why they have nine episodes of Season 3!  Woohoo!  Score!  It has a listing of all the shows in alphabetical order.  After you click on the one you want, (PS They also have The Walking Dead and American Horror Story--which wasn't as great this season) scroll down to the bottom and there is a listing of all the seasons and episodes they have, and then, you just click on the one you want.  Sometimes, there is a slight lag.  If you pause it for a few minutes and come back to it, it plays right through.

We pay only $8 a month and enjoy the same shows we did before thanks to these three great websites.  Compared to our cable bill of $150 a month from three years ago, I would say what a bargain!

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A Trusted Distributor of Red Kap Workwear said...

thanks, misty! i LOVE downton abbey, and i haven't seen the second season yet, looks like i'm going to be having a marathon viewing session preparing for season three thanks to you. lc and i liked season one so much we watched it all in one weekend. so here we go again ;o)

i watched the first season on netflix as well, and don't understand why they never streamed season two.

great heads up!!!

Misty Turner said...

Your Welcome. I knew it was starting up again,so I had to be on the lookout, and I happened to see a couple people comment on Hulu that they were already watching Season 3. That's when I checked my tried and true 'coke and popcorn' to see if they had it and stumbled upon it there. I don't know why I didn't think to check it before now. I guess because it hasn't aired here yet.

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