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Fiesta Friday!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh, it's been a rainy, messy day here.  It started out a little on the icy side.  Now it's just gloomy and cold and wet.  But things are looking up!  For as long as I have known John, we have had a standing date at our local Mexican dive every Friday night.  We call it Fiesta Friday.

The restaurant owners know us by name, and every time we come in they greet John with a handshake and me with a hug.  It's a family-owned business called Pueblo Real.  They serve wonderful, authentic Mexican food and some of the best margaritas I have ever tasted.  It's sure to hit the spot on a cold wintry night like tonight.

But we aren't the only ones who know and love this place.  It draws huge crowds every night of the week, but weekends are always busy there.  So we always try to go a bit early and don't mind sitting at the bar if we have to.  In fact, the bar area is very warm and cozy, which actually sounds very appealing for tonight.

And to leave you with a little Nashville-related trivia about this fine establishment, it has been graced by Ashley Judd in the not so distant past.  No, we weren't there for that.  Darn it all.  But maybe I will remember to ask the owners tonight who else has dined in these hallowed halls.  You never know who you might bump into in Music City!

Adios, Amigos!  I hope you enjoy your Friday night as much as I plan to enjoy mine!
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