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Hold on to Your Hats: Monopoly to Retire a Signature Game Token

Friday, January 11, 2013

WHAT???  This cannot be.

Monopoly is such a classic American game.  It was created way back in 1934, and many of those tokens represented a way of life back then.  Granted, I don't see too many people sporting top hats today, or making use of thimbles or even irons for that matter, but I certainly don't have any desire to see those tokens move on.  Incidentally, this won't be the first time tokens have been added and replaced in the game.  In the 1950s, the lantern, purse, and rocking horse were retired to make room for the Scottie dog, the man on horseback, and the wheelbarrow.

Who doesn't remember growing up playing it with your siblings (we sure did), fighting over who would be the banker, making up rules as you went along, and oh those famous game tokens.  Everyone had their favorite.  And now one of them is on the chopping block.  I am aghast!

My first thought was it simply cannot be the car or the dog!  Those are our family favorites.  In fact, John and I sat down to a game of Monopoly over our Christmas break, and those were the two tokens we used.  Funny that this should come up now, because even then at that recent game of Monopoly I wondered how long it would be before they changed it.  I wasn't thinking tokens actually.  I was thinking more like the rent values, mortgages, etc.  Inflation has certainly left our original Monopoly game in the dust.  But why do they have to go and mess with the game tokens?!?

Thankfully, the public gets their say in which tokens stay (my vote has already been submitted), and also which one of the newly cast ones will eventually be added to the new Monopoly game set.  I didn't see any earth shattering winners here, but see for yourself.  These are the newly proposed tokens, and one of them will be taking a spot away from one of the former oldies but goodies.  These are pretty random, and I frankly don't like any of them enough to replace one of the originals with.  But I voted for the ring because in the game, if you remember back, a large diamond ring is pictured on the "Luxury Tax" space.

The vote is open now on Facebook.  You can vote daily, and the results will be announced on February 6, 2013.  That's not much time, so get out there and save your favorite token!

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