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Cabled Ribbon Bag

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Here's another one of my creations. With the red satin ribbon, it is perfect for use around Christmas and Valentine's Day.

And here's a closeup of the cable work, which might be a little hard to see in the first picture because of the dark color of the bag:

This is another free crochet pattern that can be found here: Camille's Purse Pattern and you can also add it to your Ravelry queue.

I used two strands of worsted weight yarn to create the pattern. this makes for a thick bag that does not need to be lined, and the cables really stand out that way. Also, I did not complete the pattern to the same length shown in the pattern. That was just my preference, as I wanted a shorter bag.

When I finished threading the ribbon through the bag, I trimmed to the final length and then finished with fray check.
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Carol said...

Hi Donna,

I found your blog via ravelry when I was looking at this purse pattern. Your version is fab! Can you remember how much yarn you used? There is no indication on the pattern how much is needed?

Thanks, Carol.

Donna Walkush said...

Well, I used plain old Red Heart, and if I remember correctly, I started out with two partial skeins (not the giant, mega skeins - the regular sized ones). They had most of the yarn still left on them, but they were still partials. I know that this is not a wealth of information, but this was a stashbuster project for me, so I wasn't really paying too much attention. I hope this helps at least a little - so glad you like the bag! Hopefully I'll get some more finished projects up on the blog soon.

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