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Holiday Road II

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

And so we meet again...

I realized, recently, I have almost zero recent pictures of myself, so I put Howard in charge of that on our Christmas Vacation to Florida.

Charlotte has also become quite the photographer/cinematographer.

Howard was of the opinion, before we left, that it would be too cold to get in the water.  As the official packer, we specifically discussed packing swimsuits, not for the ocean really, but just in case we went to an indoor pool.

It was in the 70s at this state park, so we proceeded to roll up the jeans.

I hadn't noticed until I was going back through the pics how much Charlotte and her long legs resembled this bird.  lol.  Anyhoo, even though we were ill prepared with swimsuits, I always have my trusty picnic blanket:

This was Emmers first time at the beach.  She didn't know what to make of the sand and kind of waddled around awkwardly on it.  I was a little leary of taking her to the beach because when Charlotte was her age I remember her taking off down the beach and having to break into a run just to catch her, but Emma stuck right by Miss Charlotte, 

and posed nicely for a pic before we were even ready, 

and overall I would say Emma Lola conquered the beach.

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