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Secret Santy

Saturday, January 5, 2013

This year Deanna challenged us all to do secret Santa gifts for under $10 to exchange amongst the adults.  I say challenge because having explained this in detail to Daddy herself, I had to re-explain it numerous times.  My attempts proved unsuccessful as well, as I also explained this concept to Howard and Charlotte, and they, too, did not get it, so I guess the concept is to get a stocking or bag (which I prefer because you can stuff it better) and fill it up with little treasures that are under $10.  When everyone gathered together, there was a game of swapping the stockings out.

We made one targeted for a girl and one for a guy.  I generally have an easier time shopping for a girl and decided to go for a theme.  (no surprise there)  I recently came across a great little set of instructions on making a detox bath, so that's where I started:  http://www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Detox-Bath.  As you can see, these are pretty simple ingredients and inexpensive (i.e. under 10 bucks), so for my secret Santa girl present I included:

You can get this at the DG as you can see and it is scented.  oooh aaah!!!

And, of course, I added some chocolate for good measure.

Oh, and to tie it all together, I printed out the instructions from the website and mod podded the ingredients and the step by step directions to decorative scrapbook paper, and made a little instruction book.

For the boy, we started with a coupon that I happened to have for free redbox rentals.  I wanted to come up with a top 10 favorites list from my family--a kind of hidden gems of movies list.  However, the time constraints proved to be too much.  There was only one movie that we had all seen recently that we were genuinely surprised at how funny it was, and we were pretty sure that no one would have seen it, so I did include one movie recommendation:

"Tucker and Dale Vs Evil"

Along with microwave popcorn and a few bags of candy, I wrapped up my secret Santys.  

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