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Holiday Road III: A Video Diary by Char

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A few years back on New Year's, I let Charlotte stay up for the big event.  We went to a diner, blew up balloons and lit firecrackers.  Ever since then, she gets so excited at New Year's and always asks for balloons!  So, this year, on New Year's Eve, we did our usual run to the closest grocem to raid their tiny New Year's selection and came away with noisemakers, hats and sparkling grape juice, oh and these things:

New Year's Eve was our last day in Florida, so we went to my fave, St. Augustine.  Howard calls it a tourist trap, but I always love to go there and walk around.  There is this little bakery that I always like to go to.  This time we actually found it!  (That is not always the case.)  As we were waiting in line, Charlotte took the baby's order:

At this time of year, they have a special tour of lights, so we purchased our tickets and warmed up our singing voices,

and positioned our 3D glasses.

Howard got to sing his favorite Christmas song, (numerous times, actually)

as we took in the lights and greeted our fellow tourist trap victims with a, "Happy New Year!"

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