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Walking in a Walkush Wonderland, Fin

Friday, December 7, 2012

Well, today will be the last day posting photos of Christmas decorations from Casa Walkush (mostly because I don't know anymore French words to put in the titles - I really should have thought about that a little more before starting this series of posts, but I digress).

Anyhoot, remember this tree from Is Your House on Fire, Clark?

This is our "funny" tree with all of the ornaments that have been collected over the years. In addition to the Christmas Vacation ornaments that you've already seen, this tree also features some of these beauties.

A vintage Shiny Brite ornament that was "my" ornament growing up. I used to hang this at the tip top of our family's Christmas tree every year, and I still hang it at the top of this tree to this very day. I rescued a few others before Misty got crafty with the whole collection here: DIY Ornament Wreath. But THIS ONE is my absolute favorite.

Multiple Elvis ornaments, some that sing and some that don't. This one sings the boys' favorite "Christmas" song - Viva Las Vegas. :-)

Here's Aidyn dancing to the music of that ornament last year:

Let's not forget Elvis's residence. I'm going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee. (Name that song.)

With all of the Elvis ornaments, how could you not have a pink Caddy?

And, truth be told, we feel so much safer with these fine folks watching the kids from our tree:

Elf on the Shelf ain't got nothin' on Han Solo, Superman, and Indiana Jones if you ask me!

These are miniature merry-go-round ornaments that mimic the animals Aidyn and Jaxon chose for their first rides.

Aidyn was the giraffe jockey:

And a few years later, Jaxon was the rabbit jockey:

And, of course, you well know that we're crazy cakes over our family Halloween costumes, so whenever Hallmark puts out ornaments in the same theme as our costumes each year, we snatch those up.

Superhero ornaments from 2009:

Scooby Doo ornament from 2011:

I'm so proud of this tree - this is the one we tend to add ornaments to every year (usually to commemorate whatever big thing has happened that year). This year, the boys will be getting baseball ornaments to acknowledge their first trip to a Major League baseball game this summer.

And, while it may seem a little schizophrenic (what with Elvis and Superman and Han Solo and Indiana Jones etc., etc.), it makes sense to us! We'll just say eclectic and call it a day.
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Misty Turner said...

Those are some good ideas for ornaments! I wasn't really planning on adding to our collection as I don't have any room, but I would buy some if they mimicked our halloween costumes. (Though I don't think they have a person riding a chicken one.) I'm glad you snagged that bell ornament. I was wondering when I was making my wreath, if it was one of those.

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