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Elf Yourself!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Charlotte made this little number featuring all of the Harris girls:

It seems very appropriate.  Even though the positioning of the "elves" was random, it seemed only fitting that Donna was the frontman in this hip hop set and Baby Emmers was her wingman, since Emma Lola loves to dance!

You can create your own at www.elfyourself.com.  You can make up to 5 elves dance in a variety of ways inclucing Hip hop, Classic, 80s, Soul, and Charleston.  Just import the pics from facebook, and then, you can also share your completed vid to facebook (and embarass all your friends and family members!)  I can't think of a better way to say Merry Christmas.

I, personally, could not stop laughing at this one.  (Sorry, Donna)

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Donna Walkush said...

What ever do you mean sorry? I gots the skills to pay the bills! Word. :-)

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