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I Love a Parade

Sunday, December 16, 2012

We recently went to see the Lewisville Annual Christmas Parade. (Clemmons does not have a Christmas Parade, so we visit the nearby small town of Lewisville to get our parade "fix" and it never disappoints!) And while I can neither confirm nor deny the presence of 76 trombones, there were AT LEAST that many vintage cars in the parade. I'll only post the highlights, lest ye be here all day.

This fire truck led off the parade, ushering in the first band (which may or may not have had 76 trombones as I have already mentioned - they did have flag twirlers, although I don't think that is the official name for them).

This one caught my attention for two reasons. One, Daddy has an old truck that we always say he should doll up for the Roxboro Christmas Parade. And, two, check out what the sign says: "Old Timers Racing Club: Legends of the Past" - Awesome! Daddy needs to apply for membership and then run for El Presidente. He would win in a landslide. Everybody loves Daddy.

This was the best photo I got of this classic car without some parade-goers' shenanigans in the background (thus ruining the photo of said lovely car). Look at the chrome! It ALMOST makes me want to wash my Jeep . . . almost.

And, this, THIS, was the BEST car in the whole parade. And you could tell that the car even knew it (its front bumper looks like it's smiling to me). The little boy inside the car certainly knew it (he could not stop grinning the whole time he was riding in it).

Now, right about now you might be thinking "Sheesh, this woman is not awares that she really went to a car show under the guise of a Christmas parade." However, these were just some of the more memorable moments according to someone who was raised by someone who loves classic cars. Some other highlights included:

Sheep that were dressed as reindeer. (These guys come out every year, and I STILL have no idea how they manage to keep those reindeer antlers on those sheep!):

A dancing gingerbread man - "Not my gumdrop buttons!"

An entire fleet of dogs dressed as Santa's helpers. These are just two of them:

And, of course, the Big Man himself:

The boys had a blast and collected more candy at this parade than they did on Halloween night. They do it up right in Lewisville!
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Arlyne Nelms said...

Who wouldn’t love a parade like this? I’m sure it was a lot of fun seeing these incredibly restored vintage cars and Christmas icons huddled together in a single parade. Oh, I think I should come to Lewisville to check out this annual event. :”>

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