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Walking in a Walkush Wonderland, Part Trois

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Only a few photos for you today because I'm trying to group the photos into sensible groups. Today's group includes the more serious and straight-laced decorations, and since I'm not that serious of a person, you can imagine it will be a short post!

This is our main tree. Surprisingly, in addition to the traditional silver and gold, the main colors are green and purple (oh, yeah, and some leopard print for good measure). So, I guess this is not that serious at all, but it was as close as I could come!

And, here's my serious Santa, who resides on my dining room table with his sled and a floral arrangement:

Finally, sitting atop Mama's vintage record player is our nativity. Ryan was kind enough to set this up this year (and then I was ever so kind as to rearrange it so that all of the pieces were in the right place). :-)

This concludes part three of the tour of Casa Walkush. Tune in tomorrow for more Christmas decorations.
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