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Walking in a Walkush Wonderland, Part Un

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Now that all of the Christmas decorations are up (well, all of the ones that I'M in charge of - e.g. NOT the exterior illumination), I thought I'd post a few photos of Casa Walkush all dolled up for the holidays.

Let's start with the kitchen today.

Here's the glass door cabinets that were more recently decorated for Halloween. They've been changed out for Christmas (except for the 3,000 pound glass jar of beans - let's just consider that all year decoration).

And, yes, that nifty Santy Claus in the upper left is made of folded Reader's Digests if you can believe it!

Here's a close up of my newest acquisition, a vintage Santa mug:

We used to have some of these growing up, but of course we have no idea where they are now. So, my mission is to start collecting these. This little guy was found in the Eplus Thrift store that Misty mentions here: Bargain Hunters Unite. I picked him up while visiting Roxboro at Thanksgiving.

Not Christmassy at all, but I also picked up these vintage lovelies that will likely grace this same cabinet in summertime:

OK, back to the Christmas stuff. We also have a tree in the corner of the kitchen that holds all of our "sweets" ornaments and is topped with a child's Santa chef hat:

And, finally, I am so overrun with stockings, I decided to hang some in the kitchen window this year! They are too pretty not to display:

This concludes our tour for today. I'll check back in with more photos of different decorations later.
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