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DIY: Vintage Ornament Wreath

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I've been meaning to put together this wreath for a while, ever since I plundered Daddy's attic last summer and found a bunch of vintage"Shiny Brite" ornaments.  I found one how-to that required a foam wreath to start it.

Of course, that's a project killer of mine - having to actually go out to buy pieces and parts because the nearest Hobby Lobby is in the next state over!  Then just the other day, I found a solution to that little problem, and it just happened to bring my whole project to a grand total of $0!

I found this neat tutorial over at The Penny Parlor.  Instead of using a foam wreath, she used a clothes hanger.  This method also seemed like it would hold up better.  I guess I just don't trust my trusty glue gun that much.

Anyhoo, I had a ton of ornaments from Daddy, and extra tinsel, so I was all set. But even if you don't have any of that, her project only set her back 9 bucks!  I slid all my ornaments on the hanger first and didn't worry with gluing them down.

When you pick your wreath up, the ornaments just kind of naturally bunch up.  Though, I will warn you I had quite a few jump ship as I was attempting to make the final circle out of the hanger, but I only had one break.  After I liked the looks of it, I started with the gluing!  I glued the ornaments to the ring, but also to each other, so it was nice and secure.  I then glued the beginning piece of tinsel down and wrapped it around, again, to make it look nice.  I kept the tinsel as close to the ring as I could get.  I thought that looked better, and glued it here and there.

I have quite a few Christmas wreaths decorating the house this year.  Plus, I think I would need to attach something to hang it with, and I am just too afraid that my heirloom ornaments would break. So, I just added some candles to the inside and made it into a centerpiece:

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