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Is Your House on Fire, Clark?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

I don't know about you, but I have always enjoyed the Old Navy commercials that have attempted to resurrect careers of superstars past. But, THIS Christmas themed commercial has got to be the best one I've seen:

In it, they bring together Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, and Juliette Lewis to reprise their roles as the Griswolds, AKA America's favorite family. And, of course, in this version, Clark W. is fortunate enough to have the lights actually work when he connects the extension cords. Man, I know he has waited twenty some odd years for that Christmas miracle!

All of the Harris girls are completely enamored with this Christmas movie. I, for one, collect the Christmas Vacation ornaments that Hallmark sells. They are so fancy that they sing and talk and light up - I know - wow. Try to contain your enthusiasm.

And not too surprisingly, one of the ones they've put out is the Griswold abode complete with "exterior illumination":

And that thar's what you call an RV:

And, finally, the family truckster with Griswold family Christmas tree (including root ball):

This year's ornament is super top secret because hubby will be getting it under the tree. But if you're interested, get thee to a Hallmark now. I usually go in October - these are pretty sought after because of the movie's popularity.

They adorn this tree, which most closely resembles the Christmas tree that I remember from growing up, a tree of "collected" ornaments and one that was not a "themed" tree. Note: the large peacock on top is a nod to all of the Elvis ornaments that also adorn the tree.

And as long as Uncle Lewis doesn't stop by with his stogey, I think we'll be OK.
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