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Well, Owl Be!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It was right around this time last year that I happened into our local Anthropologie store, and laid my eyes on this shelf full of gorgeous owl cookies jars.  It was also then that I fell head over heels for the cute little winking owl on the far right of this picture.  Oh, I would have loved to walk away with all of them, but that little winking owl was special.  

By Anthropologie standards, this cookie jar  is not *that* expensive.  They are currently still selling my favorite for $68.  Still nothing to sneeze at, but if you are familiar with this store, you might say it's a bit of a deal too!  And back at Christmas-time, when I was busy adding this to my list, it was on sale for a mere $47, so if you catch it right, you might find a deal. 

But the REAL deal was stumbling onto the *original* version of this most special cookie jar.  This beauty was made by Shawnee back in the 1940s, right here in the USA.  And now she's all mine!  Along with her two owlet salt and pepper shakers!  She is leaps and bounds better than the one I spied a year ago in a retail store.  Why, you might ask?  Because she has lived quite the life already, and now she will be brightening up my kitchen everyday!

I actually discovered that the Anthropologie version was a remake of this cast quite by accident.  I was scrolling through some old pictures a few months ago, and ran across that picture I had taken last year.  I remembered how much I loved that cookie jar, and literally typed into a Google search "Anthropologie Owl Cookie Jar".  One of the links that came up was to a blog that showed the older Shawnee version of the jar, and since then, it became my mission to get that old jar.  

Oh yes, she was perched right at the top of my Christmas list this year.  And somehow Santa knew just where to find her (thanks to some special help from my mother-in-law, Jan.- you are the BEST!)  
Apparently, these little owls have become quite popular.  I even found an Etsy shop that is making a reproduction too!  Whoooo knew?  :)
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