Ice Cream Sammies

Saturday, January 5, 2013

One of Howard's "special" early Christmas gifts was a waffle maker that I snagged on Black Friday at Kohl's.  Every Saturday since it arrived at our doorstep (as it never even made it under the tree), Howard has made waffles:  cinnamon waffles, waffles with honey, waffles with strawberries.  

Then, he decided to make a personal Christmas fave of mine: chocolate waffles!  He always has quite a few left over, and it was then that he had an inspired idea.  I made my normal pilgrimage to the DG, as it was Saturday, to get my $5 off $25 spent, and I bought frozen cookie dough ice cream.  Scooped between two choco waffles, we had a tasty little treat.


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