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Will You Be My Valentine?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It's another case of "things just aren't like they used to be"...  Modern day Valentine cards can't hold a candle to the oldies but goodies.  They don't even kind of measure up.  I remember exchanging little heart-shaped cards with classmates and friends as a kid, but I'm not sure even those were as good as these really old ones.

It turns out you can find vintage Valentine cards all over the place.  They are at flea markets and antique shops everywhere this time of year.  And since I have a hubbie who doesn't mind rummaging through those types of places, it seems that we have had the good fortune to stumble onto some doozies!

Here, let me show you...

For my wonderful husband:

I couldn't dream up a better Valentine if I tried!  Red-headed boy, blonde girl, and a sweet little pup! Yep, that's us captured on a Valentine, circa 1950s.

(And speaking of our sweet pup)  For Izzie, the Wonder Pup:

This one looks just like her.  Only she would never sit still long enough to tie a big pretty bow around her neck, but you get the idea. 

For my sister, Donna:

This one is perfect for someone is often found with a ball of yarn, working on her next crochet project!

For my sister, Misty:

This looks just like her sweet Baby Emma (and Charlotte too when she was that age).

For Daddy:

When I saw this one, I just laughed!  It is PERFECT for the man who may as well be the Town Crier!  

And even funnier is reading the inscriptions on the back of some of these cards.  My personal favorite is one that is simply addressed to "Me", from "Larry".  Sounds like someone had a bit of a crush on this Larry character, and made herself out a card "from" him.  How sweet and cute is that?  Makes me wonder if "Me" and "Larry" ever became an item.  

Makes me wish I still had some of my old Valentines too.  No, modern Valentine's cards just aren't the same.  There is something about the sweet charm of these that will have me displaying them each year at Valentine's Day!

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