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What in the World to Buy the Menfolk in Your Life

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I truly struggle with this sometimes. Ryan Barrett Walkush is a difficult one to buy for (and that statement is generous). I often joke that I buy him the finest socks and underwears that money can buy . . . and THAT is because his "hobby" is one that I am completely inept at supporting - technology.

But, I have had bright spots of gift giving - perhaps my brightest being this commissioned piece of artwork from good friend and super-talented artist J.J. Rudisill:

This was actually a Father's Day gift when we had no other children than these three fluffy babies: Jasper, Randy, and Geordi, who I referred to as my "angels" (hence the halos). Note: Jasper was as mischievous as all get out and Geordi was only really nice to me and maybe a few other people, so Jasper's halo is cocked to the side and Geordi's is broken and taped back together - what fun details that J.J. added!

And even though these boys are no longer with us, we cherish this piece so much.

So, if you're stumped for an original gift, I would encourage you to surprise that hard-to-buy-for person with a piece of commissioned artwork. J.J. is a super-cool cat to work with, and he gets it right every time. He works in many different art styles (not just the one pictured here) and will find one to suit your needs.

Check out his other hip, funky, straight-laced, and completely-out-there styles at www.jjrudisill.com. (And, yes, even though he is a former skateboard shop owner with lots of funky skateboard art, you'll see he's even drawn Strawberry Shortcake and Dora - he's THAT good!)
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