The Lucy Bag

Sunday, December 23, 2012

So, truth be told, I have no idea what has possessed me to post about a bag that I finished way back in the summertime (before we started the blog).

OK, maybe I do. There is this other blog that I have found via Ravelry and she posts quite a bit about crochet. And most of her crochet is really colorful. I have never been one to use every color in the rainbow in my projects. This was the first project for me. And now, I'm making our dog Smitty a sweater that looks very similar to this bag. (Considering I put my projects down all the time to do other things, you'll likely see that finished up long about next July!) Anyhootle, THAT is what reminded me that I had not shown off this gem to the world.

The Lucy Bag (named after Lucy of Attic 24 Blog):

As you can see, it really does have probably every color of yarn I have ever collected since the beginning of time. (Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration - I purposefully did not use white or black.)

The free crochet pattern can be found here: Lucy Bag Pattern

I only modified the pattern slightly to include a scalloped edging at the top of the bag as follows: 7dc in same st, skip 2 st, 7dc in same st, skip 2 st; repeat all the way around.

Also, rather than putting small flowers at the tops by the handles as the original pattern called for, I made larger flowers and sewed them to the front of the bag as decoration. I sewed large colorful buttons to the centers of the flowers and to the end of each handle.

I lined the bag, which the original pattern did not call for. This was the first bag that I had ever lined, and that took longer than actually crocheting the bag (because I kept putting off the task)!

The pattern makes a very large bag. We used it last summer as a beach bag, which is why it is pictured here with beach toys and on the line with the boys' swimsuits.


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