Oh, Mickey, You're So Fine

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The boys' big Christmas present from us this year is a trip to Walt Disney World. And since that is kind of abstract (considering we are not exactly whisking them away the day after Christmas - it will be our family vacation NEXT year), we wanted to give them Disney-themed presents to unwrap at Christmas as a way of announcing the trip.

So, I put together these Disney-themed Christmas gifts:

Each boy got his own suitcase to use for the trip filled with Disney goodies that he could use now.

We didn't put these gifts under the tree, however. To build the excitement even more, we created clues that would lead the boys around the house (from clue to clue), with the final clue leading the boys to the presents. We figured this would make it seem even more special - like a treasure hunt - and it did!

Technically, their first "clue" was the remote control to our Christmas train! We put the first written clue in one of the train's compartments and then drove it around to the back of the tree. We then wrapped the remote and put it under the tree with a tag that read "To: Aidyn and Jaxon" like any other gift. When they opened the gift, they knew exactly what it was and drove the train around to the front of the tree to see what was in the train. The hunt was on!

The written clues were:

Clue 1:
Piggy and Pluto are hiding, oh where, oh where can they be?
Maybe try looking in the stack of movies that we have yet to see!

Clue 2:
Well, that one was easy. This one is too, but here’s the rub . . .
The next one will be the toughest you’ve ever done; now go look in a tub.

Clue 3:
Ok, ok, these are way too easy, enough with the gimmies,
This next one is hidden inside of your chimney!

Clue 4:
What, I had the answer inside the clue, just who is writing these?
I know, oh this one is good; the next clue is soon to freeze!

Clue 5:
HA! I thought I had you, but don’t get too smug, this last one is a skunk.
Piggy and Pluto, and the biggest gift of them all, are hidden inside a trunk. (trunk of my Jeep)

According to Ryan Barrett Walkush (clue writer extraordinaire), the trick to writing clues for these types of adventures is misdirection. For example, we set them up for success on the first clue (we only have one stack of movies they have not seen), but after that it got a bit more tricky. You might think that we gave all of the answers away, but in fact, we have three tubs, two chimneys, two freezers, and two car trunks to look in. The picture of them looking in the freezer was actually the first one they looked in, which was the wrong one!

Jaxon got in his suitcase:
  1. Two Disney workbooks (Dollar Store purchase)
  2. Two Disney storybooks
  3. Walt Disney World Guide for Kids
  4. Disney Xbox Game
  5. Mickey Mouse Watch (Dollar Store purchase)
  6. Cars Gummies (Dollar Store purchase)
  7. Disney Stickers (Dollar Store purchase)
  8. 11 Disney PEZ (the boys collect PEZ, and these will last them ALL YEAR)
Aidyn got in his suitcase:
  1. Two Disney workbooks (Dollar Store purchase)
  2. Two Disney storybooks
  3. Pirates of the Caribbean Blu Rays
  4. Mickey Mouse Watch (Dollar Store purchase)
  5. Cars Gummies (Dollar Store purchase)
  6. Disney Stickers (Dollar Store purchase)
  7. 11 Star Wars PEZ (thankfully, the Star Wars franchise was JUST purchased by Disney)
The boys are super excited about their upcoming trip (almost as excited as having rescued Piggy and Pluto, whew!).

This little adventure was a success!
And for those of you who have been thinking about it since reading the title, here's a little Tony Basil for you (although, for the record, I don't think she was talking about Mickey Mouse . . .):

You're welcome.


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