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Have Yourself a Pinteresting Christmas

Monday, December 17, 2012

This year, we decided to go a little "out there" with our Christmas card photos. They were inspired by Pinterest.

I'm sure you've all seen this photo (or versions of it) floating around Pinterest:

And, we realized that there wasn't much we could do with that what with us having already been married for 13+ years by the time I joined Pinterest.

And then there's this little bit of hilarity. What's not to like about a Venn diagram comparing Santa to a superhero? (For what it's worth, Elvis is ALSO like a superhero . . . sparkly costumes, cape, karate moves . . . but I digress.)

And then remember, dressing up like superheroes (read: any character AT ALL) is not a foreign concept to the Walkushes.

Ryan Barrett Walkush and Baby Aidyn in 2005 (pre-Pinterest, might I add):

Entire Walkush family in 2009 (also pre-Pinterest):

And, when you mix all of this information together in my somewhat creative mind, you get the Walkush family 2012 Christmas photo:

Which then turned into this Christmas card, complete with "superhero" themed Christmas greetings:

Some interesting factoids for you:
  • RBW is sporting the very same Superman T-shirt and glasses from 2005 (because I meticulously catalog and store all of our Halloween costumes for just such occasions).
  • The cost for these "costumes" rang in at a whopping $2.00 for two sets of Dollar Store reading glasses that I popped the lenses out of for the boys.
  • We all owned white dress shirts, ties, and jeans. Aidyn somehow owned a small and a medium Superman T-shirt (and he was nice enough to let Mama borrow the larger one).
  • If you are looking for Superman T-shirts, Old Navy is your friend. I have also seen them at Target.
Methinks Superman would approve of our Pinteresting choice of cards this year:

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